Welcome to NIC5. Innovation lies at the heart and core of the NIC5 philosophy. Using the latest MESH coil technology, NIC5 delivers a satisfying flavor encapsulated in a stylish and modern design. We strive to bring the most advanced technology to the market and aim to provide a premium and efficient experience to our customers.

Flavor and performance blend seamlessly together in our NIC5 devices and our goal is to leave every customer feeling pleased with their decision to try our brand. We provide a variety of palatable flavors that have gone through extensive research and testing to ensure that you are tasting the flavor that is on the label. Only premium materials are used in the construction of our devices and we take pride in sharing our passion through high quality and innovation.

Our devices aim to disrupt and elevate the ejuice vaporizer industry by offering unique designs with functions that are not seen in other vaporizers. We always keep portability in mind and incorporate this in our device designs. NIC5 devices are made for on the go and can allow a quick puff whenever needed. Different can be better.

Look forward to more innovative designs from NIC5 and learn more about our products here on our website. Join the Nic5 community today if you haven’t already and we thank you for your time in visiting our home!

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